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Phoenix Master Cue WCS 1

For the best in value for money Phoenix offers this great WCS1 cue which features a single splice with a think veneer. The single splice is Ovangkol and the thick veneer is maple.


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Phoenix Master Cue WCS 1

This listing is for a Phoenix Master Cue WCS 1 which has a thick maple veneer with a single splice of Ovangkol. The Quality of the cues from Phoenix are better than the so called top line cues in workmanship and splicing levels and is outstanding for the money.

You won’t find better Ash quality and Workmanship for this pricing offered and you would pay double the money for other brands of similar quality cues.  All of these cues comes with a 6 inch ebony extension and a 23 inch adjustable extension so they offer the best value cue in Australia by far and Worldwide for Quality as well as pricing.

If you’re looking for a custom made cue then check out our made to order cues on this link

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 145 x 5 x 5 cm
Cue Selection

Master WCS1-6 3/4(60 inches)- 18.69 ounces, 9.42ferrule,29.5mm butt, 18.2 inch balance point, Master WCS1-8 3/4(60 inches)- 18.06 ounces, 9.4 ferrule,29.5mm butt, 17.3 inch balance point, Master WCS1-9 1pc(57.6 inches)- 18.6 ounces, 9.7 ferrule,29.5mm butt, 16.3 inch balance point, Master WCS1-10 3/4 (57.6 inches) – 17.95 ounces, 9.4 ferrule,29.57mm butt, 16.5 inch balance point, Master WCS1-11 3/4(57.6.inches)- 18.05 ounces, 9.5 ferrule,29.5mm butt, 16.5 inch balance point