peradon q rite used on jigger or cross rest

Peradon Q Rite Rest Head

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This Q rite rest head fits onto jigger ends with nibs on them. This is a great tool when your sometimes bridging at an angle from the cushion edge.



Peradon Q Rite Rest Head

Peradon Q Rite Rest Head – With most snooker clubs, most players would agree there isn’t an abundance of spider rest heads and other rest equipment. If during a game/match of having to search around for a spider when the shot faced requires awkward bridging can be frustrating and take away some of that much need concentration on the shot. This clever little gizmo being the Q-Rite can attach to virtually any standard cross rest. The Q-Rite provides an elevated bridge very similar to spider rest. It’s very useful because it can cater for many different situations a player may be faced with during a game. Such as cueing down a cushion from distance, the Q-Rite can be what is needed! Its small enough that there is always a place in your cue case to be ready at hand when needed.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm