Double Face Splice Snakewood and Maple


The cue design here is a Cue Creator Double Face Splice Snakewood and Maple. For me this look is one of the best in snooker with the different tones from the Snakewood with the Maple being Quilted Maple.

With this design the model is a standard one piece cue.

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Custom Snooker Cue – Double Face Splice Snakewood and Maple

The cue design here is a Double Face Splice Snakewood and Maple in a one piece standard version. The Maple used is Quilted Maple and against the ebony those colours really stand out with the lighter and darker tones.

This custom snooker cue uses a north American ash shaft and an ebony butt and uses the best in craftsmanship you’ll find anywhere in the world. Included at no extra cost for stock only cues you also get a 23 inch telescopic extension and a 6 inch solid ebony extension. Also this comes with a plain black aluminium case as well as a cue towel, cue tool and some spare tips as well.

  • Added Bonus
  • For all custom made Cue Creator® cues purchased we’re also giving a free Black Aluminum cue case so we have peace of mind when sending.
  • 23 inch extension adjustable, 6 inch solid ebony
  • Tip Tool and Tips

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 150 × 10 × 10 cm
Cue Variations

CC-612 -58.1 inches, 18.3 ounces, 17.3 inch balance, 28.86, ferrule 9.69, CC-603-58.1 inches, 18.41 ounces, 17.15 balance point, 28.85 butt , ferrule 9.62mm, CC-562 – 58.1 inches, 18.23 ounces, 17.25 balance point, 28.78 butt, ferrule 9.58mm, CC-567- 58.1 inches, 18.27 ounces, 17.5 balance point, 28.58 butt, ferrule 9.76mm, CC-558- 58.1 inches, 18.44 ounces, 17.5 balance point, 28.67 butt, ferrule 9.61mm