joe porper cue clamp

Cue Holder for 2 pool cues

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Protect your cues from getting knocked over and this easy to clamp on moulded holder. Better to keep your cues safe then seeing them drop and have a chance of them being damaged.



Cue Holder 2 Cues

Cue Holder 2 Pool Cues perfect to Protect your own play and break cues from getting knocked over!

This handy pool cue holder onto a table and slip pool cues into cue clips that are sturdy, but soft, with no sharp edges to scratch your prized cues.

A large thumb screw makes it easy to install in just seconds on a bar table or at home.

This holder can rotate into a vertical position so the cue holder fits right in the storage pouch of most pool cue case but I put mine on the strap of the case.

Every player should get one’s of these holders as you don’t want someone to bump a cue and fore the cue to get damaged.

Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 cm