COVID 19 and Cleaning your Billiards Table

COVID 19 and Cleaning your Billiards Table



COVID 19 and Cleaning your Billiards Table

Hi All, This listing is really just an informative one on what I’m doing on my table to help reduce the risks to COVID 19. Due to this and Covid 19 it has made me think that we all need to be so much more careful now.

Cue Sports has a lot of issues when playing socially.

Other measures should be:

1) infra- red temperature on entry

2) table cleaning for cushions, cloth, rests and balls (then ball cleaner) with a min 65% Isopropyl or 70%.

3) obviously wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds plus

4) wipe hands with alcohol wipes regularly and try not to touch your face.

5) use of a Black light to show touch points and aid in cleaning correct areas.

Suppliers here in Australia for UVC lights that I used is – when using UVC lights you can’t be in the same room and the seller of the product should advise you of this.

For Isopropyl check around thoroughly on pricing and quality as some are 5 times dearer than others for the same products.