3ply Surgical Face Mask Pack 10


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This Medical face mask we have sourced through some of our suppliers for accessories. As I have trust in them I had them source masks for me to find the correct type for COVID-19. Many Shops are selling incorrect types of asks without the correct protection many masks sold won’t provide the correct protection for you and your family.

Also I saw that companies are selling them to high in prices and I want my clients around in the future playing the game we all love.

Please note: max amount 10 packs per order.



3ply Surgical Face Mask Pack 10

These masks (packs of 10) we have brought in to help with the Covid-19 Pandemic. We brought these in due to the high costs we have seen other shops selling for and I really want to see all my clients in the future.

The masks comply with global European regulation (CE) and are specifically engineered for use in the medical field. Complete with a curved nose bar for added comfort and suitable for all face sizes and shapes.

You and your family will feel secure without sacrificing security, durability, and breath-ability.

With a test result of 95%, the mask has three layers of protection are designed to filter out harmful substances and provide protection against unhealthy air particles.

These masks are even more effective when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning.

  • Three layered, medical grade protective face masks.
  • Two layers non woven fabric and middle layer meltblown filter material
  • Comply with global regulation (CE) European Compliance
  • Adjustable curved nose bar
  • elastic ear loop
  • pricing Packs of 10


Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 1 cm