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David Reljic


David Reljic was born on the 6th June 1975 and has been involved in Cue Sports Since 1992. David started out playing pool at the local pub trying to win the weekly pool comp. His passion for the game developed over the following years and he would go on to win over 4000 bar table tournaments in the Australian pub pool scene and abroad. He played both snooker and pool for several years before deciding to focus on pool setting a goal to become a professional pool player. This ambition took him to America, Asia and Europe and he played in many events before moving back to Australia. He has since won 4 Australian 8ball Championships, 2 Australian 9ball titles, an Oceania 9ball Championship and countless other tournaments across multiple pool disciplines. In 2012 David Reljic and Ian Barber won the Australian Doubles pool Championships in Adelaide and then represented Australia in the World Cup of Pool in Manila which is produced by Matchroom Sport. They narrowly missed progressing to the second round with an 8-6 loss to Poland who went on to finish 2nd overall. Out on being the first Australian Team to get through the first round but must be regarded as the best attempt so far with David Reljic playing several amazing bank shots and arguably the best shot of the 2012 World Cup of Pool during their first round match.

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Power break cue and uses an Air Drive jump cue. If you want to try and follow in David’s footsteps you’ll need the best possible equipment and Mezz Cues come highly recommended. The power and grace of a Mezz Cue is unmatched.

List of notable achievements

4 time Australian 8ball Champion. 2007-2008-2009-2012 Oceania 9ball Champion 2009 Australian Open 9ball Champion 2009 6 time NSW 8ball Champion 2011-2007-2006-2005-2003-2001 4 time NSW 9ball Champion 2012-2010-2008-2005 3 time NSW 10ball Champion 2014-2010-2010 (Open)